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NewGrounds News Come Back?

2007-07-21 22:13:00 by looneyboy221133

Well It's been years since I have lurked back onto the Flash scene... But I have not ever left my NewGrounds roots. I have dropped the NGN series because of the lack of time to dedicate to the series, but I am looking to bring it back.

I'm looking forward to making a return to NewGrounds, with The New NGN. At first I was trying to get back on the scene before 2008, but I want to put more time into the New NGN. I'm looking for Artist, Animators, Voice Actors, Ideas, and as always callers to make NGN 10 the greatest, and the first in a long line of NGN animations.

I am currently attending Georgia State University, studying Business. So I have a little more free time. Please contact me on AIM at Looneyboy221133, or Newgrounds News.

NewGrounds News Come Back?


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2007-07-21 23:35:00

Nice to see you back! :)

looneyboy221133 responds:

Thanks. Looking forward to working with you again, and the other artists on Newgrounds.


2007-07-22 03:02:57

Holy crap I remember this flash!

Good to see it will return, go you


2007-11-18 19:57:24

Try to do a report on the last 2 Pico Days, or Madness day if you can.


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